As an unpublished author, the hardest thing for me to find was a reader. Editors and agents have slush piles a meter high. Friends and family are busy or unfamiliar with what you are trying to do.

If you need an honest, kind and experienced author to critique your work and help you finish a piece, look no further.

For six consecutive weeks, I will read up to ten pages each week from your work and send you back a detailed and thoughtful critique that is aligned with your goals as a writer. If you are hoping to be published, I will tell you what pitfalls to avoid in your work. If you are desperate to finish something, I will mentor you through the process and nudge you toward completion.

I can help you because I’ve worked hard to learn this business and I have insights to share.

My fourth novel will be released by Simon and Schuster Canada soon. My non-fiction work has been published in the New York Times, Salon, the Globe and Mail and Crime Reads. But most importantly, I am experienced in giving positive, constructive and supportive critiques of work in almost every genre.

I have served as a judge for several writing competitions including the Whistler Independent Book Awards and the Rising Star award for the Women’s Fiction Writing Association. I’ve coached and mentored young adults and adults through many difficult or sticky moments in their writing life. I am part of two amazing writing groups that meet regularly to read and improve each other’s work.

After receiving a recent critique from me, a writer told me:

“Honestly, I’m a little beyond words at how to express how much I appreciate it. It’s obvious that you put the time in for me, and I feel honoured by your thoughtful and up lifting response. Not only is your insight invaluable, but I want to take a second and commend the way you approach critique in general. It takes a lot of skill and integrity to provide a constructive critique. I’ve experienced a range of critiques in my life and your approach is really refreshing, and I respect it immensely.”

I am doing this because in my early days of writing I was on the receiving end of several damaging and destructive critiques and I don’t want other writers to have to go through the same thing. The advice I will give to you comes from a singular place: I want you to keep writing and I will do everything in my power to help you do so.

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